The service we provide allows for a greater understanding of each other’s working styles and behavioral preferences leading to an efficient work culture. No matter if you are a business manager, HR leader, or head of operations, this assessment will provide you with insights that help you lead your team to success. The DISC assessment allow you to know EXACTLY how you and your team will operate within your organization / business and what best position they will thrive in.

Have you ever noticed that there are somethings you tend to focus on at work, while other things you absolutely dread? That is because we all have unique strengths and preferences that allow us to thrive within the workplace. An effective team consists of multiple strengths. Utilizing this tool will provide insight on priorities that drive their behavior, learn what comes naturally and what might be challenging when interacting with others, and gain actionable strategies to strengthen their interpersonal interactions at all levels in the workplace.


You and your team will discover:

  • Your workplace priorities
  • Your workplace motivators
  • Your workplace stressors
  • Strategies to be more effective

Dominance: direct, strong-willed, and forceful (fast-paced and skeptical)

Influence: sociable, talkative, and lively (fast-paced and accepting)

Steadiness: gentle, accommodating, and soft-hearted (moderate-paced and accepting)

Conscientiousness: private, analytical, and logical (moderate-paced and skeptical)

The DISC assessment is designed with a single goal in mind: to help everyone in your organization or team build more productive and effective relationships at work.
It’s composed of an assessment and comprehensive profile report. Participants begin with a short, computer-adaptive assessment that uncovers their DISC styles, as well as their workplace priorities, preferences, motivators, and stressors.
The results are translated into a personalized, 20-page report that provides detailed recommendations and strategies for working with other styles and forging more effective and rewarding relationships with everyone they work with.
To energize the experience in a group setting, facilitators can leverage dynamic presentations, engaging videos, and a wide variety of teaching tools to help drive home the lessons and make the benefits of the DiSC experience a lasting part of everyone’s lives.


Some of the companies that trust this assesment: